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See exactly what Hussey Multimedia has to offer you

Video Editing

Have a professional editor create high-fidelity video content with industry software and personalized effects with video quality improvement.

Social Media Marketing

Receive social media help and leverage our experience to grow your brand on individual media platforms using a marketing specialist.

Equipment Acquisition

We find the equipment that works for you. Leave it to our team to find affordable equipment that suits your needs and accessibility.

Media Mentoring

Frequent meetings to answer your questions, improving your presence online and in public relations. Be in control of your image.

Graphic Design

Surpass your competition with our graphic design team. With decades of combined experience in print, web,  merchandise, and other digital media.

Creative Consulting

Everyone needs someone in their corner to expand ideas. Experience professional creative consultation and leave no stone unturned.

Brand Development

One-on-one meetings with a brand designer will enhance your online customer awareness to match your style and professional image.


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